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The DiscoScan 2.0 Lens allows you to turn your laser projector into an “electronic mirror ball” able to scan anywhere is a 360° circle.


Conventional laser projectors are limited, and at most they can scan at around 60° at a time.


This patented DiscoScan Lens technology allows you to scan anywhere in a complete circle, 360° around, all at once.


So a single laser projector, can cover a much wider projection area.


No other device can produce the kinds of effects possible, with the DiscoScan 2.0.


Please note that prices exclude GST.

DiscoScan 2.0 Lens

  • The DiscoSacn 2.0 lens requires a mounting bracket to attach it to the front of your laser.

    Separate brakets are available for Unity Lasers and Kvant lasers

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