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BEYOND is professional laser design software developed for show professionals, and used to create the world's best laser shows and effects.


BEYOND supports all lighting protocols, including DMX, ArtNET, MIDI, SMPTE timecode, OSC and CITP (coming soon), making it easier than ever to integrate lasers into any show or multimedia design.


BEYOND provides a full suite of tools to create every kind of laser display you can imagine, then gives you the functionality to control your content from anywhere (from a lighting console, PC, by timecode, d a MIDI controller, or in combination with other multimedia elements).


The BEYOND Essentials software license shown here can be purchased to run on any Pangolin controller. You can also try a FREE demo of BEYOND, by clicking here: Download BEYOND Demo.


To help you work out which version of software will meets your needs, click here.


NB: BEYOND Licenses are generated manually. Please allow us up to 24 hours to receive the file. If you place your order on a Friday (after 3pm USA EST), the license file can be sent the following Monday.


Please note that prices exclude GST.

Beyond Ultimate - Lifetime Licence

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